What is AVID?

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college readiness program designed to help students, particularly those in the academic middle, develop the skills they need to be successful in college. AVID students enroll in college preparatory classes (including Honors and AP), in the AVID elective class, and participate in extracurricular activities.  The program focuses on developing writing, critical thinking, teamwork, organization and reading skills, as well as teaching persistence, perseverance, and grit.

Who should be in AVID?

AVID students must:

  • Want to be in the program

  • Have the desire to go to college

  • Be motivated and responsible

  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA

  • Have good attendance

  • Have a good behavioral record

Why should I be in AVID?

AVID students have a very high success rate. Overall, they perform better in school and are accepted to more colleges and universities.

 AVID is…

  • For students who want to go to a four-year college

  • For motivated and determined students

  • A collaborative study and learning environment


AVID is not…

  • A study hall

  • A remediation program

  • A free ride

  • For students who do not do their homework

  • A quick fix

  • For unmotivated students


What will I do in AVID?

  • Skill development:

    • You will practice skills such as focused note-taking, organization, time management, test-taking, and goal setting.

  • College Preparatory Activities:

    • You will learn about a variety of colleges and universities through guest speakers, field trips, and research projects.

  • Tutoring:

    • Twice a week you will work in tutorial groups with other AVID students and a college tutor to go over difficult academic material and study for tests.

  • Career Building:

    • You will explore career options through research to determine what majors and education levels are required for specific careers.

  • Classroom Community:

    • You will participate in many community-building activities with your classmates, where you will build strong relationships and learn to work together. You will have the opportunity to improve your interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.