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Attendance Policy

Clearing Absences: Absences must be excused within 5 school days. Only same day tardies will be excused unless a Dr. note is provided.  Parents or Guardians may excuse absences and same day tardies several ways:  

  • Call the 24 hour Attendance Hotline: (714) 536-2514 Ext. 51031 and leave a voicemail 
  • Respond to the absence notification received through ParentSquare
  • Send an email to:  [email protected]
  • Send a fax to the Attendance Office at: (714) 536-9308
  • Call the Attendance Office at: (714) 536-2514 Ext. 51426 or Ext. 51427 

Checking In/Out: If your student needs to leave campus early, please email or call the Attendance office and a check out slip will be sent to the student’s class.  If your student will be arriving late to school, please call or email the Attendance office to excuse the absence/tardy the same day. 

Leaving Campus - Students who are permitted to leave early by the Attendance Office or Health Office during regular school hours must show their ID card or check out slip to a campus supervisor or administrator prior to exiting campus grounds.

School Health Office: If your student is on campus and is not feeling well, they must request a pass from their teacher to go to the Health Office.  The Nurse will determine if a student is too ill to remain at school.  If the student is too ill to stay at school, the Nurse will then contact a parent or guardian to arrange pick up.  ***Please do not pick your student up if they text or call you and say they aren’t feeling well. They must check out through the health office or it will be considered an unexcused absence.

Attendance Related Consequences: Absences not cleared within 5 school days will turn into a truancy and may result in consequences.  Students who leave campus without permission may be issued a consequence for not adhering to the check-out procedure (see page 1).  Additional offenses similar in nature may result in additional consequences and/or loss of privileges. 

Zero Period Privilege: Students may be dropped from zero period and/or experience a schedule change if they accumulate excessive absences and/or tardies.  See Parent/Student Handbook for more information.