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Oiler Spotlight

football player and trainer


Everything from surfing to lacrosse, HBHS has a team whose skill is head and shoulders above the rest, but what about what goes on behind the scenes? Who makes sure these teams can perform at their best both during practice and competition? What opportunities are available to them at HBHS?
football player during game

HBHS Girls Flag Football

Take a look at the new Girls Flag Football team’s debut season so far and the competitive drive that is launching them forward
student in farm

Experience Farm to Fork!

Sustainable farming meets culinary excellence. Join us for a Fundraiser Night at BLK on May 25th and Farm Fest on May 26th. Taste student-grown produce and support our program's mission. Don't miss out!
back of sweatshirt

The Vision Behind DudeCo

Learn more about Noah and Bennet’s entrepreneurial journey to starting their own apparel business, DudeCo!