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Finding Their Way In a New World: HBHS CLASS OF 2024

Learn about the HBHS class of 2024, who began their high school journey amidst a historical world crisis that fundamentally changed the modern landscape. At HBHS, together, they overcame struggles and emerged stronger, prepared to face their future and succeed beyond the halls of HBHS.
student videographer


Explore how HBHS's Broadcast News class empowers students to embark on exciting journeys in digital media, producing the weekly "Campus Update" as well as offering access to professional equipment and invaluable networking opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.
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Redefining The Game: HBHS ESPORTS

Read how the HBHS Esports team is transforming video gaming from a casual hobby into a competitive sport where students are encouraged to develop teamwork, as well as strategic decision-making skills through their favorite games at national Esports competitions.
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Designing Tomorrow: The HBHS BaD Pathway

Read about how HBHS is trailblazing with innovative integrated project-based learning and its fantastic entrepreneurial program. Never settling on a status quo; cultivating students’ unique skills, changing outlooks, and equipping them for success beyond the halls of HBHS.

Her Legacy of Love: LoveLikeAly Fun Run

Read how the HBHS community came together to honor Aly West's memory and spread kindness, compassion, and support through the Love Like Aly Fun Run. Learn more about how to support the impactful work of the Love Like Aly Wellness Center.