By Sam Ekstedt

Nov 6th, 2023

No matter how many times you see a show at HBHS, the level of professionalism and raw skill will never cease to amaze. Many went to see MMET’s Playlist X and many walked out raving over how incredible all the performers and the production were. Just from seeing the photos, you would be hard-pressed to find a difference between a show with working professional musicians and our school’s wildly talented MMET. Performer after performer walked out on stage and again and again; it was clear how much practice and effort went into every single number. It did not matter if the song was an original or a cover; from the drummers to the singers, everyone had an energetic presence on stage.


Grace Leahy sings her original song “Us.” Photo by Donnae Menchaca

As the name suggests, MMET has been putting on Playlist for ten years. It is an action-packed show curated by students with a fantastic blend of top 40 hits from the last five years and 14 original student-written songs. With songs from everywhere, like Taylor Swift’s ‘I Can See You’ to Dua Lipa’s ‘Dance the Night,’ what results is a show with music you would recognize and songs that will leave you wanting to add them to your own playlist. Each and every one of them put in their best effort and created a terrific product. Parker Macy, a drummer in the show, said, “We had about a month to practice before the show. I went twice a week to rehearse with the band, sometimes during lunch, and then practicing on my own outside of school.” 


singer on stage

Alani Browning Photo by Donnae Menchaca

For MMET’s aspiring professional musicians, Playlist X was a fantastic and unique opportunity to showcase their abilities. It put student-created songs on display for the whole world, allowing them to use their creativity and skills to create something that will boost them ahead of the competition by already creating professionally produced music in High School. Alongside recording in their studio, MMET partnered with HBHS’ Media students to produce creative and polished music videos synced with the performances. These videos worked perfectly in concert with the aesthetic of the student’s original songs and uplifted the experience. With MMET’s new 4k cameras, the photos and music videos are absolutely a leg up for the media students’ portfolios.




Chase Bennett filming onstage. Photo by Donnae Menchaca

Even for students who never went on stage and stayed behind the scenes, Playlist X will set them apart from industry competition. Kady Morton, one of the students behind the show’s brilliant lighting design, said, “Throughout my time in APA and tech, I have used both theatrical and concert shows for my portfolio. What’s great about the Playlist for MMET is it’s something that is professionally photographed, and I can use those photos of my lighting design in my portfolio.”

MMET this year is something you cannot miss. It’s creating endless unique opportunities for students onstage and behind the scenes. Their skill and talent derived from hours of practice and collaboration is a sight to behold. Their next show is a benefit concert, Jeff Lynne and The Electric Light Orchestra Story, from February 2-3rd, so be on the lookout and go experience HBHS’ MMET.

Click here to listen to the student-written music showcased in MMET’s Playlist X.