Today’s MUN Students. . . Tomorrow’s Leaders

berkeley mun
On March 3rd, thirty-four brave students took the opportunity to represent HBHS MUN at Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN), one of the most prestigious and competitive conferences. Each year, students from all over the country come together to simulate the United Nations and discuss pressing global issues. 
Since Berkeley MUN was the culmination of our experiences, we all felt the pressure to perform. In preparation for the conference, we spent countless weeks researching our assigned country as well as the multifaceted topics of international issues. In discussing topics ranging from the allegations of genocide in the Russia-Ukraine conflict to family planning and fertility, we learned valuable skills in negotiation, public speaking, and diplomacy. Along the way, we made lifelong friends and connections with students from all over the country who share our passion for international affairs. 
For our efforts, we were recognized with the Best Class award, continuing a legacy of excellence for the forty-second year in a row. Our success at Berkeley Model United Nations is a testament to the talent and dedication of the students in our program. We serve as a reminder of the importance of developing young leaders who are passionate about invoking change on a local, national, and global scale. Participating in Model UN has allowed us to explore international affairs and politics while simultaneously developing our skills as public speakers and leaders.
For many of us, Berkeley MUN marked the conclusion of our four-year journey. We’ll miss the post-conference bus rides filled with triumph, where we all relished in the glory of our shared accomplishments. We’ll miss the adrenaline rush of doing roasts and impromptu speeches. Most of all, we will miss each other. Because we have all endured the same hardships, we have a unique ability to lift each other up. 
Mira Costa Conference; Freshman Year 2019

To those that came before us, thank you for setting a precedent of excellence for us to follow. To those that will come after us, we leave you with one piece of advice: appreciate every moment, because there is nothing else like it. To our parents, thank you for your endless support: driving us to conferences early in the morning, letting us borrow your business suits and blazers, and boosting our morale during the most challenging moments. To our amazing faculty, thank you for providing us with endless opportunities to grow and for facilitating travel conferences where we had the privilege to be immersed in international perspectives. 
Since its establishment in 1972, HBHS MUN continues to be the epitome of determination, advocacy, and collaboration. The program has irrevocably changed our lives for the better and for that, we are eternally grateful. 
For the last time, the MUN class of 2023 motions to end debate.

By Michelle Phan