Guitar Class Elective

The Guitar Class elective gives students the knowledge of how to study and play 20th century music in the Huntington Beach High School “state of the art” music lab. These students learn acoustics and have the opportunity to play electric guitar. Sophia Harmon expressed that she “loves how [they] learn about the origin of the guitar and the early bands who made it popular.” Harmon shared that prior knowledge is not needed and that “being a beginner guitar has taught [her] the basic fundamentals and has been really interesting and insightful!” There are performances in every unit on songs that they have learned and Harmon states that the performances are “really fun because [they] get into groups which takes the pressure away.” The performances are shown just in the class, but there are ideas of expanding to a recital so every student can experience these students' amazing talent. 

Sophia Harmon shared that she “definitely recommends this class, many people in the class had never even touched a guitar before, anyone can learn! Another student, Payton McComb, exemplifies that in the class, they “have a great deal of fun spending time with friends while learning and playing new melodious songs. Every student in this class are friends with each other and that allows [them] to create harmonious music.” Add this elective to your courses next school year to gain knowledge of the instrument and to fulfill your Visual & Performing Arts credit!


students playing guitar

Article by Kayley Cawhorn

Images by Arpita Veera