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Health Class Options

HBUHSD Health Class Options

Eligible Schools

If you have an impacted schedule you have a few options for taking Health:

  • Adult School - Students can take Health through the Huntington Beach Adult School the summer after their freshman year.
  • Brigham Young University Independent Study Program (800) 914‐8931 )  

Health 041 Health Education Students can enroll during summer and have up to one year to complete the course.  A proctor from your school who has been approved and certified by BYU will proctor the final exam. Contact BYU for current fees for the class.  

  • Pacific View Charter School (760) 757‐0161 ) Pacific View Charter School is located in Oceanside and Moreno Valley, offering online courses at no cost. Students will need an approved External Course Credit form and will need to pre register on their website. A parent/student orientation is required in person, with one additional in‐person meeting during the 3 week course. Program information is available on their website.
  • Pacific Coast High School - An online course that can be taken over the summer prior to freshman year. Administrative approval is needed in advance.
    • Please print the External Credit Form, then go to the PCHS website and print out their application.
    • The application then must be approved by an HBHS administrator.
    • Once approved by HBHS, the application must go to the Huntington Beach High School District Office to be approved by Dr. Bryan.
    • Once approved by Dr. Bryan, the application must be brought to PCHS.