Health Class Options

HBUHSD Health Class Options

Eligible Schools


For students with impacted schedules, Health may be taken over the summer through these approved schools:

- Huntington Beach High School (via Huntington Beach Adult School)

HBHS Summer Health 

- Pacific Coast High School (714) 245‐6500 Enrollment Guide

FREE on-line program through The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE).

To enroll, students will: 
1. Email your current Guidance Specialist to determine course(s) needed. 
2. Print the 6-page July/August Enrollment Form. (This is a fillable form. Scroll to the second page and return to the first if you are unable to type directly into the form.)
3. Read the July/August Subsidiary Agreements (Not necessary to print). 
4. Complete the 6-pages of the Enrollment Form and the Request for External Credit Form. Parent and student must SIGN and Initial all forms where necessary. Signatures can be scanned or copied, but NO Font-Style Signatures will be accepted. 
5. Email the completed 6-page Enrollment Form and Request for External Credit Form to your Guidance Specialist at your school.
 6. The Guidance Specialist will check for completion of forms and attach your transcript copy. If you are an incoming 9th grader, please attach a transcript from your middle school.
7. Once you have the completed packet (PCHS Application, HBUHSD Request for External Credit form, Transcript), please take the packet to the HBUHSD district office to obtain a signature from Nicole Gunsaulus. Applications will not be accepted until March 22nd. Office hours for a signature will be Monday-Thursday from 9am-11am and 3pm-4pm. The HBUHSD will submit your enrollment forms directly to PCHS.
 8. PCHS will not be able to process any incomplete forms. 
9. All Enrollment forms must be submitted by 3:00pm on May 20, 2021 to PCHS. Enrollment is processed on a first come – first served basis and classes may close prior to May 20, 2021. 
10. After submission of the enrollment forms – course changes may be completed with an Add/ Drop form found on the PCHS website and must be received by June 18, 2021. Deadline for a student to DROP a course is July 30, 2021, also using the add drop form. Add/Drop forms may be faxed to 714-508-0215 or emailed to  
 PCHS will: 1. Enroll all students with COMPLETE enrollment packets in the requested courses on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will receive an EMAIL for either: a) Confirmation of Course Enrollment b) Indicating course is closed/student NOT enrolled 2. Provide a report card at the end of the trimester.   


- Brigham Young University (BYU) Independent Study  (800) 914‐8931 

Online Course.  Contact BYU for current fees. Final exam must be proctored by a certified BYU proctor.  


  1. Email to your student's Guidance Specialist to inform them you will be taking Health at BYU
  2. Enroll in Health 041 Health Education at



- Pacific View Charter School (760) 757‐0161 

FREE on-line courses.  Pacific View Charter School is located in Oceanside and Moreno Valley. 


  1. Email to your student's Guidance Specialist to inform them you will be taking Health at PVCS
  2. Enroll on their website
  3. A parent/student orientation is required in person, with one additional in‐person meeting during the 3 week course. --This meeting can be completed VIRTUALLY.



- GWC Credit Program

Golden West College – This course earns both high school and college credit and is an in person, direct instruction class.  Designed to provide students with the knowledge to lead a healthy life. Areas covered include wellness, emotional health, stress management, aging, physical well-being, nutrition and weight control, drugs, reproduction and parenting, prevention of diseases and consumer health. Recommended for current HBHS students*

*An incoming 9th grade student can take the dual enrollment class for health as long as the student:
-will enroll at a HBUHSD high school in 2020-2021
-can handle an online college class; student should be passing all middle school classes
-understands that taking a DE class starts a student's college transcript, which may need to be reported on future applications for college admissions.